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Helen vernon

Leadership Q&A: NHS Resolution


Helen Vernon explains why the role of director of safety and learning at NHS Resolution can make a lasting difference to the safety of NHS patients

Claire Damen 3x2

Leadership Q&A: Independent Health Group


The role of chief operating officer involves working in a newly formed board, delivering agreed operational objectives with a great but small team, and being at the heart of the organisation, says Independent Health Group’s chief executive officer, Claire Damen


Leadership Q&A: NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice service


Director of Advice and Appeals, Vicky Voller, explains how the Practitioner Performance Advice Service – and the role of the head of case advice – will make a real difference, by providing an independent and expert advisory and support service for medical, dental and pharmacy practitioners and healthcare organisations.

Caroline donovan

Leadership Q&A: Lancashire and South Cumbria FT


Caroline Donovan explains the transformational new organisational structure for Lancashire and South Cumbria

Joanna Killian 3x2

Leadership Q&A: Surrey Heartlands

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The joint executive director for Adult Social Care and Integrated Commissioning is a key role both for the local authority and for health, says Surrey County Council’s chief executive Joanna Killian