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Our Expert Briefing newsletters are a premium feature of our HSJ Insight subscription package and offer additional analysis, predictions and commentary on a range of specific topics each week. From staffing and workforce, digital technology, mental health, primary care and much more, HSJ’s expertise and access to the NHS senior leadership extends beyond the news, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the topics that matter most to you and your role in healthcare.

Expert Briefings

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  Expert Briefing: The Ward Round
Staffing is the issue keeping NHS leaders awake at night – and which consumes two-thirds of trusts’ spending. The Ward Round newsletter, by HSJ workforce senior correspondent Annabelle Collins, will make sure you are tuned in to the daily pressures on staff, and the wider trends and policies shaping the workforce.

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  Recovery Watch
Recovering services from the covid crisis is the big task for NHS leaders for the foreseeable future. The Recovery Watch newsletter, by HSJ bureau chief and performance lead James Illman, tracks prospects and progress.

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  Expert Briefing: The Integrator
The inside track and must-read analysis of how integration is reshaping health and care systems, NHS providers, primary care, and commissioning. From HSJ’s senior correspondent Jasmine Rapson.

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