About Us

Health Service Journal (HSJ) provides a deep understanding of the NHS through a wide range of services and solutions – news, analysis, insight, data, live networking events and unique best practice database – aimed at senior management, decision-makers and policy makers in the UK healthcare industry.

Our expert editorial team, by far the largest in UK health media, publish exclusive briefings, in depth reports, interviews and webinars on HSJ.co.uk and produce over 20 newsletters, which you can register to receive here. As an award-winning digital healthcare publication, we provide unparalleled news and analysis at a national, regional and sector level, as and when it happens, so you can stay informed with live updates.

HSJ’s most recent coverage has set the news agenda for national media and influenced both the government and NHS response to the pandemic. HSJ’s journalists have appeared as expert commentators on both national and local radio, and television. Our coverage has attracted a huge audience from those within the NHS, to those in the general public eager to better understand the pandemic - with stories going international, receiving coverage in media as geographically diverse as El Pais and the LA Times.

Our new podcast, HSJ Health Check, gathers a cast of expert journalists to explain and debate the most pressing issues in NHS policy and leadership. Subscribers to this podcast have quadrupled during 2020.

As well as the insight from HSJ.co.uk, HSJ Events deliver a year-round portfolio of summits, awards, congress, forums, and virtual events to senior healthcare leaders from within the public and private sectors. Designed to motivate, inform, and inspire senior healthcare leaders, each event provides expert insight, exclusive content, and invaluable networking opportunities. Our events unite high-level decision makers from clinical and non-clinical backgrounds and provides a platform that enables discussions and influences change, which positively impacts healthcare delivery and improves patient outcomes.

Powered by our HSJ experts, HSJ Intelligence is aimed at suppliers, and provides a better understanding of the strategic issues facing their NHS partners and prospects. We also offer recruitment advertising service which provides a tailored solution and with unlimited job posts, where you can access an entire network of healthcare professionals. Lastly which is the UK’s largest collection of validated best practice in the NHS, gives you the most up-to-date, independently judged case studies from real NHS teams.

The HSJ brand is ever-growing and our aim is to make sure that we provide a fully comprehensive service to everyone who works, in, for or with the NHS.

"Since the start of the pandemic the interest in the NHS and coverage within all news channels has increased exponentially. This has led to a lot more interest internally and externally and also a large increase in the amount of fake news. When responding to sthe accuracy of any story the first port of call for our communications team, and the first place they will send any internal query is to the HSJ. We use the HSJ as a factual soundboard. If the HSJ is saying it, it must be true"
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